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Wild Blue Rose Cosmetics exclusively distributed by 

Made in france

We carry the hottest designer perfumes at incredible discounts Our products are made for everyone to be used anywhere. 

Premium ingredients

Our shave oil products offers the best properties of organic French essential oils combined with aloe and jojoba oil..

one-step habit

With our shaving products you can say goodbye to  outdated shaving routines and save time in the morning! Our water-soluble, non- greasy shaving oils also act as an aftershave leaving your skin hydrated and protected. 

Save more

Save on razors. Our innovating shaving products will increase the longevity of your razor blades. Your blades will last you from 2 to 3 times longer.

Save on shave products too! You will only need three drops of Nov&Sens™ to shave. 

No more shaving cream, soaps, brushes, pre-shaves or after shaves.

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Non - greasy                          Water soluble                    TSA Compliant

Shave Oil is the alternative to traditional shaving cream for both men and women. 

Shave Oil is water soluble / non-greasy and suitable for all types of beards, all skin types and all shave areas (face, neck, chest, legs, underarms, pubic, bikini line).



—  The Next Generation of Shaving Products

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Made for Everyone - Made for Everywhere


 Wild Blue Rose Cosmetics exclusively distributed by

Made for everyone. Made for everywhere. 

Our Ingredients 

The Next Generation of Shaving Products



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