Shave oil for Reactive Skin & Shaved Heads. 

Designed for hypersensitive users and the scalp, this highly concentrated fragrance-free formula made with Jojoba oil, provides continuous protection while shaving and will greatly reduce razor irritation and ingrown hairs (pseudo-folliculitis).

Jojoba oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and regulating properties of sebum production (oily skin).


Nov & Sens™ shave oil for Reactive Skin & Hsaved Heads is recommended for young, first-time shavers, those with problem skin or those who prefer a hairless dome.

Shave Oil for Reactive Skin & Shaved Heads

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  • Nov & Sens is the next-generation of shaving products. Specifically designed to be used instead of traditional shaving cream, mousse, gel or soap,

    Made with water-soluble essential oils, Nov & Sens™ shave oil, will leave your skin silky smooth and protected without the need for aftershave.

    With Nov & Sens™ your hair won’t clog your razor blades and will last much longer.  To clean, simply rinse your blade under warm water.

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