Nov & Sens™ has designed a shave oil for the discrete and sensitive areas of a woman’s body.  Finally,  you can confidently shave your legs, bikini line, pubic area, under arms and just about anyplace else with less irritation, razor bumps or rashes.


Miss Shave is specially formulated to leave your skin feeling silky smooth, moisturized, refreshed and protected against post-shave dryness. 

Miss Shave Oil Made for Women Made for Everywhere

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  • Nov & Sens Miss Shave Oil is the next-generation of shaving products.  Specifically designed for a women’s softer skin, Miss Shave replaces traditional shaving cream, mousse, gel, soap and after shave moisturizers.

    Made with water-soluble essential oils, Nov & Sens Miss Shave Oil™, will leave your skin silky smooth, protected and moisturized.

    With Nov & Sens Miss Shave Oil ™your hair won’t clog your razor blades and your blades will last much longer.  To clean, simply rinse your blade under warm water.

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