Shaving Cream vs Shaving Oil

What Exactly Is Shaving Oil?

I was looking for a better shaving cream, so when we first came across this revolutionary shaving oil product, we weren't exactly sure what it was or how to use it until we tried it.  Wow, what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be.


In our search for more earth friendly and better than average products, we came across a variety of shave oil products but they were either pre shave oils or aftershave oils. It was only the Nov&Sens brand of shave oil that was able to take the place of traditional shaving cream. It turned out to do much more than that.

The shave oil we found is a new product imported from France and made by a company called Nov&Sens. As I noted previously, this product is very different from traditional shaving creams, shaving foams or shaving soaps. As it turns out Nov&Sens is not a just a pre shave oil, not just an aftershave oil nor is it just a shaving cream. This particular product is actually all three (3) shaving products in one (1) and they make if for men and women.  However, it not only takes the place of pre shave, shaving cream and aftershave it ups the shaving game.  Upon use we found that the product gave us a closer shave and left our skin feeling smooth and refreshed throughout the day

Traditional Pre Shave:

Traditional pre-shave oils are designed to soften your beard and lubricate your face to give you a closer and more comfortable shave. The Nov&Sens product does that as well, but in addition the special non-greasy, water-soluble essential oils that is in all of this company's products are specially formulated to reduce minor cuts and razor burn as well as help prevent all types of shaving annoyances (irritations, pimples, folliculitis). 


Doctor Approved:

As we dug deeper into Nov&Sens we found out that in Europe, their shave products are recommended by Doctors to help reduce the effects of razor irritations especially for those with hyper-sensitive skin.

Traditional Shaving Cream:

Everyone who uses a razor uses some type of shaving cream, foam or soap to shave with and everyone who does experiences the same mess, the hassle and the clogged razors that need to be repeatedly rinsed under water. Not so with this product. It doesn't clog your razor and because it doesn't clog your razor, laboratory test have shown that the average razor blade can last 2-3 times longer than when using traditional shaving creams, shaving soaps or foams.  Best of all, it was the closest shave anyone if us has ever had.

How Much Shaving Product do you need:

The lubricating effects of the Shave Oil are regenerated every time you lightly wet and massage your skin.


Aftershave Do You Need It:

People who use aftershave typically use it to help sooth their irritated skin. With this product aftershave is no longer needed. The non-greasy essential oils used in all of their products helps to moisturize your skin keeping it smooth and protected throughout the day.

Other Benefits of Nov&Sens Products:

The Closest Shave Ever:

When I say close shave, I don't mean just another close shave,  No, no, no, Nov&Sens gave all of us the closest shave ever no matter who used it, be it male or female and no matter where they used it on their body (face, neck, underarms, chest, legs, pubic and bikini lines).  Hands down, everyone we showed it to said it was the best shave ever!


As noted, Nov&Sens is a 3 in 1 product formulated to take the place of traditional pre-shave oils, shaving creams and aftershaves. Since you no longer need three (3) products to do the job and your razors will last longer, you just saved a ton of money.

Very Green Friendly:

In addition to the best shave ever, All of Nov&Sens shaving products contain No water. By eliminating the water they reduced unnecessary packaging by 5 times (less water, smaller bottle, less weight) and have greatly reduced the carbon impact of shipping to the end consumer.

No Propellant Needed:

Traditional shaving creams contain a mixture of various environmental damaging gaseous hydrocarbon propellants such as butane, isobutene, pentane and propane. Nov&Sens does not, they use a spray bottle. Here again, Nov&Sems won out.  No propellants are required for use.

Recommendations for use:

Nov&Sens Shave oils are recommend for those that have or need the following:

  • Difficult shave areas

  • Sensitive shave areas

  • Sensitive Skins

  • Self-lubricating protection that greatly reduces and in many cases completely eliminates razor irritation and razor bumps.

How to use:

  1. For best practices, wet you skin with water (The warmer the water - the closer the shave).

  2. Apply 2-3 pumps in the palm of your hand

  3. Gently rub onto your face, legs, etc. (2-3 seconds). The Oil will produce a lubricating film that is regenerated every time you lightly wet and massage your skin.

  4. When you are finished your skin will be silky smooth, and hydrated thanks to the moisturizing effect of the Shave Oil that remains on your skin after shaving.


This product is offered by Nov&Sens. Visit for more information

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