Everybody (and we mean everybody) is talking about Nov&Sens Parisian Shave Oil.

So whats all the hubbub about? Its the next generation of Shaving.  Nov&Sens Parisian Shave oil will not only make you look better but it will make you feel better too. 

A Better Shaving Experience

Nov&Sens offers you a cleaner, healthier, closer, safer shave!  

We want everyone who shaves to experience the impressive feel of a truly great Parisian Oil shave.


No more messy shaving cream, no more soaps, no more shaving brushes, less razor burns, less razor bumps, extended razor blade life and it works great in the shower.  Nov&Sens Parisian Shave Oil is not just for men but yes ladies, there is one just for you too, it is called Miss Shave. Isn't it about time to step into the next generation of shaving.

Better Because Its Made Better

All of our Nov&Sens products are made with the best quality ingredients and contain no propellants and no excess water. They are designed to be healthy, earth friendly and make your life easier. Our customer service is pretty top notch too.

Why not come and try what you're missing.

Nov&Sens - Parisian Shave Oil

Next Level Shave Quality

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